MasterPel 707:

  • MasterPel 707 is a liquid admixture for concrete to achieve high resistance to water ingress. It is based on a blend of surface active agents and refined lignosulphonate.
Features And Benefits
  • Provides resistance to water penetration either.
  • under hydrostatic pressure or capillary absorption. Increased durability.
  • Reduced sulphate attack.
  • Reduced efflorescence.
  • Improved cohesion, reduce segregation.
  • Pumpabiity of concrete is greatly improved.
  • Improved surface finish.
  • Reduced shrinkage cracks in plasters.
  • Do not reduce compressive strengths.
  • Liquid – easy to use.
  • Low dosage – Economical.
Packaging Size:
  • MasterPel 707 is available in 1litre, 5litre, 20litre & 210 litre drums.


MasterFlow® 648:

  • Masterflow 648 is a precision epoxy resin grout, consisting of 3 components – resin, hardener and specially blended inert aggregates. On mixing, the components yield a high flow, high strength grout.
Features And Benefits:
  • High flow – Effective grouting of even narrow gaps and large baseplates.
  • High tensile and flexural strengths – Efficient transfer of operational loads to foundation including high dynamic loads.
  • High strengths even at elevated temperatures – Maintains alignment and level even with elevated base plate temperatures.
  • High bond strength – Protects machine from vibrations by effective dampening.
  • High resistance to creep – Maintains alignment and level over long time.
  • Good chemical resistance – Durable even when exposed to many industrial chemicals.
  • High early strengths – Allows early load transfer and rapid commissioning of machines.
  • Variable fill ratio – Flow ability can be optimised for ease of application and to maximise the cost of effectiveness
Estimating Data:
  • Hi - Flow -18 Kg - 8.2 L
Packaging Size:
  • Kit size 18kg
  • Part A 2.18 kg
  • Part B 0.82 kg
  • Part C 15 Kg


MasterTop® 410:

  • MasterTop 410 is a non-metallic floor hardener, which contains specially graded non metallic hard wearing natural aggregates. It is applied as a dry shake over freshly floated concrete to provide a durable, non-slip monolithic floor.
Features And Benefits:
  • High abrasion and impact resistance – Long service life.
  • Better abrasion resistance than plain concrete – Extended service life.
  • Non rusting – Suitable for wet environments
  • Non-slip – Improved safety for personnel and forklifts in wet environments.
  • Dense surface – Resists oil and grease penetration
  • Coloured surface – Can create aesthetically pleasing environment.
  • Easy application at time of placing concrete – Floor available for full service once concrete is cured.
  • Able to applied at higher ambient temperatures – Wide application range.
Estimating Data:
  • The quantity of MasterTop 410 required should be determined according to the anticipated service Conditions.
  • Light Duty: 3 to 5kg per m².
  • Moderate Duty: 5 to 6kg per m².
  • Heavy Duty: 6 to 8kg per m².
  • The maximum recommended rate for Vacuum
  • Dewatered floors is 5 Kg/M2
  • MasterTop 410 is available in 25kg moisture resistant bags.

MasterTop ® 100:

  • MasterTop 100 is a pre-mixed powder designed to be applied as a dry shake over freshly floated concrete floor. MasterTop 100 creates an aesthetically pleasing, coloured floor with significantly improved abrasion resistance. It is based on selected hard wearing mineral aggregates blended with alkali and light fast pigments and hydraulic binders. Master Top 100 is available in various standard colours.
Features And Benefits:
  • Uniform and intense colours - attractive floors. Pleasant working environment.
  • Light and alkali-fast pigments - durable, non fading colours.
  • Good abrasion resistance - minimised maintenance of floor surface.
  • Dense surface - increased resistance to ingress of oil and grease, Easy to clean.
Estimating Data:
  • Coverage 5 kg / m².
  • MasterTop 100 is available in 25kg pack.
  • Available in natural and colours.

Floor Coatings And Water Proofing

MasterSeal® 909

  • MasterSeal 909 is a blue flexible PVC hose which comprises a solid core and lateral openings covered by neoprene strips, all banded by an open webbed nylon mesh.
Features And Benefits:
  • Eliminates costly design, welding and installation of waterbar.
  • Water cannot penetrate treated joint and rebar, unlike traditional installation where water is in contact with the reinforcement up to the waterbar.
  • The installed system assures a watertight structure.
  • Proven and predictable performance.
  • Joints can be tested for watertightness before backfilling or membrane tanking operations.
  • Completely maintenance free.
  • System enables retro-injection, to stop leaks caused subsequently by settlement or structural movement at the construction joint.
Packaging Size:

Two boxes comprising the following:


  • 100 meters blue re-inject able hose

Box 2:

  • 20 meters green vent hose
  • 20 meters transparent vent hose
  • 2 meters shrink on sleeve
  • 2 meters connecting nozzle
  • 30 closure plugs
  • 500 anchor clips

Water Tight - Injuction

MasterSeal® 901

  • MasterSeal 901 is based on vinyl ester methacrylate technology.

Features And Benefits:
  • Good bond to damp surfaces. In contact with water no extraneous reactions take place, therefore no gas bubbles or foam layer are formed, both of which would hinder the bonding process.
  • In wet and humid conditions, there is a balance between the water content of the adjacent medium and MasterSeal 901.
  • Remains expanded when concrete has a moisture content.
  • The expansion of MasterSeal 901 is reversible and is unaffected by ageing or electrolytic water.
  • Suitable for injection with one component or two component pumps.
Packaging Size:
  • MasterSeal 901 is supplied in three component packages of 22.066kg and 5.522kg.


MasterBrace® 2200

  • MasterBrace 2200 is a solvent free, high performance, non-slumping epoxy mortar and adhesive. MasterBrace 2200 can be used as a bedding mortar, thixotropic adhesive and non-sag concrete repair mortar.

Features And Benefits:
  • Adheres to concrete surfaces – Allows rapid repair of concrete.
  • Solvent free – Low VOC and non-shrink.
  • Pre-proportioned packaging – No job site.
  • errors
  • Easy application – No primer necessary
  • High abrasion, impact and chemical
  • resistance – Can be used as contact surface in aggressive environments Cures hard at low temperatures – Wide
  • application range
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