Dupont Tyvek Metal  Roof Insulation

A Subsidiary of US – based $27 billion E.I.Dupont de Nemours and company, a 204 – year young science and technology company and one of the oldest industrial enterprises in the world. Founded in 1802 in Wilmington, Delaware, USA, DuPont Slivers science-based solutions for market that make a difference in people's lives. Today we operate in more than 70 countries worldwide.
Roof Insulation

DuPont Tyvek Subtext – Plywood insulation system for pre – engineered building Industrial roofs.
DuPont™ Tyvek® Subtext is two component system that combines the insulation wool blanket with the Tyvek® Solid vapor breathable membrane. The unique insulation blanket has high thermaland acoustic properties, unlike glass wool, it does not absorb moisture, and is safe to handle. Tyvek® Solid Membrane helps prevent condensation and allows incidental moisture ingress to breathe out. The insulation blanket, at 8 kg/m2 is light and easy to handle. Higher densities may be made available on request.

DuPont™ Tyvek® Weatherization System comprise a vapor – breathable, tough and durable membrane manufactured from spun-bonded polyolefin. This Membrane keeps insulation dry and performing effectively for a long time by minimizing condensation and other moisture- related problem. The System also includes Tyvek® subtext has been especially designed for acoustic & thermal insulation in pre –engineered buildings and industrial roofs.


  • Light weights and easy to install
  • The substrate and the blanket of DuPont™ Tyvek® Subtext are inert materials in case of contact with water.
  • The Contact of the product with the skin does not represent any risk in normal condition of use.
  • Tyvek® Reflex reflects radiant heat, allows water vapor to pass through for drying of insulation in case of water infiltration or interstitial condensation.
  • Has low thermal conductivity.
  • The System is breathable, allowing moisture to escape while looking out water and air, in turn helping creating a controlled space for industrial use.
  • The substrate i.e. Tyvek® Reflex has high tear strength, it does not tear easily during installation as the case may be in aluminum foil substrate

Technical Information:

Composition: One blanket of 100% polyester(Polyethylene Terephtalate ) and one nonwoven substrate of HDPE.
Roll size : 1.3m x 10m
Coverage: 13 sqm
  • Effective protection against Water infiltration and condensation.
  • Permeability of vapour without absorption of water.
  • Neither decomposition nor yellowing with passing years.
  • Can be easily pressed since it is resistant to wear and tear.
  • Does not irritation to eyes or skin upon touch.
  • Resistant to rough transportation or aggressive storage.
  • The substrate is water and air permeable and permeable to passage of vapour.
  • This exclusive salient feature of the membrane prevents proliferation of fungus and condensation.

Dupont Tyvek Solid - Water Tight Membrane:

This highly permeable,Dupont Tyvek Solid - Water Tight Membrane is ideal for all types of commercial roofing and residential buildings. with dupont ™ tyvek solid ® remains low moisture content in the wooden structure,high-air and vapor permeability and tear resistance.this material can be directly on the isolation of warm roofs are made.

Dupont Tyvek Solid

Technical Information:

Composition: 100% hdpe spun bonded polyethylene.
Roll size : 1.5m x 100m.
Coverage: 150 sqm.
  • Extremely durable,light weight and flexible.
  • Suitable for use as a vapour permeable membrane in pitched metal roof construction.
  • Can be used directly in contact with insulation.
  • Dimensionally stable.

Dupont Tyvek Reflex - Reflective Membrane

Dupont Tyvek Reflex - Reflective Membrane is a vapour open membrane with a metalized low emissivity surface which reflects heat in summer and reduces heat loss in winter. Tyvek® Reflex may be used on its own, but the overall efficiency of the system will be significantly improved when used in conjunction with DuPont™ AirGuard®. The combination of these two products will provide 2 major benefits:
1. Protection against all possible heat losses: radiation, convection and conduction.
2. Effective moisture management due to the higher evaporation capacity provided by Tyvek® Reflex and to the reduction in moisture migration into the construction by DuPont™ AirGuard®.

Dupont Tyvek Reflex

Technical Information:

Composition: Spun bonded Polyethylene metallized and lacquered.
Roll size : 1.5m x 100m.
Coverage: 150 Sqm.
  • Vapour permeable insulation underlay.
  • Metalized low emissive surface that reflects heat in summers and reduces heat loss in winters.
  • Ideal for metallic roofs in hot and dry climates.
  • Helps to reduce the rate of heat transmitted through radiation.
  • Reflex 94% of Radiant heat.
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